10+ Tbps global IP network. 15+ Regions. 3000+ ISPs interconnected. <30ms avg response time.
Give your visitors a new experience with HugeCDN.

10+ Tbps global anycasted network, ultra-low latency, global coverage, security and performance-focused network, ready to absorb large traffic spikes unmatched.

DDoS Protected
Our 10+ Tbps IP network is ready to absorb complex DDoS attacks of any scale
Latest HTTP/2
Our platform supports latest HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, Brotli, Server Push/Pull, Let’s Encrypt and other resources.
24×7 Live Support
Our business continuity is managed by experts available 24x7 to assist you via LiveChat or Phone.
HugeWAF Ready
Our HugeWAF is ready to protect your web content against the most common web vulnerabilities.
Global Coverage
Our multi-cdn approach allow us to scale our network to any place aggregating a global presence of 200+ PoPs.
High-End Servers
AMD EPYC™ servers combined with Chelsio 100GbE NICs allow us to get 100Gbps line-rate with ultra-low latency.
Global Coverage
Single and Fixed Global Rate.
No commitment.
24X7 in-house support
+ Tbps
Network Backbone
+ PoPs
Points of Presence
Fastest routes to your audience.

With our platform, you can enjoy a wide range of varieties, not just a unique CDN network, but you can also count on a wide variety of more than 200 points of presence in the most remote places of the planet through our regional partners, allowing growth exponentially and without compromise.

We are present in the main connectivity hubs in the world, this allows us to have a large capacity in each continent with reliability, allowing expansion to remote locations through regional partners, providing to our customers a sub 50ms latency, with global coverage SLA.

Our platform uses the latest technologies available, such as HTTP/2, BROTLI, 5-second Purge/Push, and Top10 OWASP WAF.


Why trust a single CDN network? Let us take care of it, and you really care about what you need. Huge Networks activates new PoPs according to your demand using a wide range of partners, enjoying in parallel our main points of presence in the largest hubs on each continent, and also taking advantage of the capillarity of regional partners to deliver content to its end user.

High-End Nodes

Our servers in the main hubs are built with the best-in-class hardware, taking advantage of the latest AMD EPYC processors and NVME Storages combined with 100Gbps ultra-low latency network cards, allowing us to take on the most difficult challenges for delivering content

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