We protect your IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks, anywhere.
Our AI defense against DDoS attacks is always a step ahead. We monitor and protect your IT infrastructure against any attack in <5 seconds SLA.
The threat and our defense.

Since 2014, we mitigate the largest and complex DDoS attacks, without compromise or impact the service quality of our customers. Our compromise is to offer the best-in-class DDoS Mitigation solution, adapting every strategy to each customer.

Highest DDoS Threat in 2018


Packets per second


Bits per second
Highest DDoS Threat in 2019


Packets per second


Bits per second
Our Cloud-Based Defense
We provide a comprehensive DDoS Protection solution which protects applications, public cloud assets or autonomous systems networks, anywhere, against any DDoS attack, doesn’t matter size, method or duration.

Our On-Premises appliances are designed to in-line or out-of-path scenarios, which ultra-fast detection or mitigation are essential.

It provides a comprehensive range of defense options up to OSI Layer 7, also provides customers scalability and protection to meet the needs and growth of their networks and applications. This solution is indicated to data-centers, ISPs and anyone who has their own Autonomous Systems (AS).
Hybrid Defense
Our hybrid solution, which combines Cloud + On-Premise, is essential to projects which need resiliency and scalability of the Cloud, without losing the precision and ultra-fast detection & mitigation of the On-Premise.
Proxy-Based solutions are perfect to customers who run its applications under Cloud Computing infrastructures companies as Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud, or Google Cloud. This solution is able to protect any application in any place of the world.
Three steps to protect your IT infrastructure.
Through our HugeGuard® Platform, all your network assets, whether on-premise or public cloud environments are protected.

Using Layer3 tunnels or direct fiber, the connection can be performed in minutes from anywhere in the world.


Using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), customer prefixes can be announce to our Routers, re-routing ingress traffic to our scrubbing centers.

Protect & Scale

In few seconds, the prefixes will be protected and your company will be prepared to scale.

Premium Cybersecurity Suite
Worldwide Presence. Low-Latency. 10+ Tbps IP anycast network. <5-second SLA and state-of-the-art precision.
  • Low-latency network, with In-line DDoS Protection, no “internal” traffic diversion needed.
  • Dashboard with transparency and real attack data (vector, duration, size, etc)
  • No port or protocol blocking. You can still continue using your usual protocols and ports.
  • Multiple Interconnection methods: Layer3 VPNs (GRE, VXLAN), IXP VLANs or Direct PNI.
  • Proprietary Solution: We will never re-route your traffic to third party DDoS Protection vendors, so we can always take full responsibility for the effectiveness of our solution.
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