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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by users.

Huge Networks:

Huge Networks is a cybersecurity company focused on detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks. It has been working in the segment for more than 8 years, having protected more than 1000 companies and mitigated more than 1,500,000 anomalies.

Hiring and Billing:​

Request the hiring of our services through our communication channels:

Phone: +55 (11) 3090-4441

Linkedin:  click here

Facebook:  click here

Instagram:  click here

Remember that you can also access our contact page and use the chat in the lower right corner of the site in order to require the hiring.

The time to establish the connection with us will depend on the recognition of the new route by your operator. Up to 24 hours, the solution will be ready to be used by you you — remember that this time can vary according to the operator.

The setup by Huge Networks takes just 60 minutes, it means that once the route is recognized, your network is ready to defend against DDoS attacks. 

Yes! We offer a 72 hours free trial  for a network that is not under attack and a 24 hours free trial for cases where the infrastructure is under imminent attack.

The price is based on some variables, such as: type of solution (cloud, appliance, hybrid), volume of traffic mitigated, clean traffic delivered to the client, additional ASN and automation performed in the edge routers.

For HugeGuard Hybrid and Appliance products, check with your representant  about the purchase price of the equipment.

National and international routes have different prices — by choosing one of them, your account manager will present a commercial proposal accordingly.

Payments are scheduled on the 15th day monthly. However, the date can be changed according to the customer’s need.

You will have at your disposal: 

  • Backbone superior than 10 Tbps 
  • Detection and mitigation solution provided and developed by Huge Networks
  • Support via phone, WhatsApp, plus email and NOC/SOC 24/7 
  • National and international Points of Presence
  •  In some cases the use of our network for uploads. 

In addition, all our customers will have access to an exclusive platform — HugeGuard — to perform real-time monitoring of the network.

The upgrade can be done at any time, wich means, as soon as the customer needs it. However, the downgrade must be analyzed, since it implies in the current contract. Look for your account manager and check the viability of upgrading or downgrading your plan.

Pro-rata is a proportional equation to divide the full and minor amounts of a trade. At Huge Networks, pro-rata is used for cases where the customer needs to change the payment date.

Example: A request performed on January 1st to the finances sector for a new payment date where the customer cycle starts on the 15th day of the month – in this case, we will charge the next month (February) the full amount corresponding to the time from 01/15 to 02/14 , in addition to a 4-day pro rata (period 11 to 14/01).

You need to contact your account manager and request the addition. After that, you must wait for the commercial proposal before continuing the procedure.

Presence and mitigation:​

Our points of presence are strategically distributed across three continents: Latin America, Europe and Asia. There are more than 15 PoPs forming a +10 Tbps backbone.

Connection can be via GRE Tunnel, VXLAN, Bilateral VLAN, IX, Cross Connect, Lan-to-lan and L2TP. After that, just announce the prefixes of your AS in order our solution start the protection of your infrastructure.

We offer one of the best latencies in Latin America. You can check all our conditions for national and international locations by contacting our commercial team.

National latency: 30ms

International latency: 110 ms

Huge Networks offers a risk mitigation SLA inferior to 5 seconds. In addition, we also offer a response time SLA and a 24/7 NOC/SOC. To learn more about latency SLAs, check your eligibility with one of our consultants.

Huge Networks has an AI-based system, developed in-house and that uses “based learning” to evaluate the behavior of anomalies and thus automatically detect and mitigate all malicious traffic on the customer’s network.

The configuration of the cloud solution is done remotely by our team and you will have all the necessary support to implement it in your company. For the installation and configuration of the appliance and the hybrid models, we will also provide a specialized team to assist you in all stages of the process.

Huge Networks has a NOC/SOC (24/7) that monitors all traffic that passes through our infrastructure. In addition, the customer can monitor their network in real time through the HugeGuard dashboard.


All of our service terms of use can be accessed by you  clicking here.

The whistleblower channel is a resource created to reinforce the safety of the work environment and human relations at Huge Networks. To access the whistleblower channel click here.

Remember that the channel aims to preserve your anonymity.

Privacy and Security:​

You can access our privacy policy by clicking here.

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