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More speed and security with IP Transit

With our IP Transit, you will have the best routes in the shortest time, everywhere. Take advantage of a backbone of more than 10 Tbps and more than 15 points of presence on 3 continents. With Huge Networks, your infrastructure gains more: velocity, performance and security.

Be part of a global network with Huge Networks' IP Transit service.

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Connect quickly and securely through
Huge Networks' IP Transit service.

Be part of a network that is present in the world’s leading data centers — located in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Travel the best routes,  ensuring low latency and high-performance connectivity.

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Global Backbone

Global MPLS IP infrastructure, interconnecting more than 15 Points of Presence around the world at 100/400GbE.

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Native DDoS Protection

Our infrastructure is security-by-design globally, with our own native DDoS Protection in all PoPs.

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Premium Routing and
Low Latency

The best routes, in the lowest time possible. Our main motto is performance and resilience, allowing the construction of a secure and scalable network.

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Transparency and rich information at all times. Our platform gives you access to HugeGuard, our traffic analytics, and our cybersecurity platform.


Answers to frequent questions

IP Transit + Full Mesh BGP Network

Backbone with more than 10 Tbps and SLA under availability guarantee. We built a robust infrastructure capable of supporting a large volume of traffic and still ensuring extremely low latency.

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