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Culture and innovation are part of our DNA

Our people are
our greatest asset

Get to know us

Our history

Founded in 2013 from a joint venture with an information technology consulting company, Huge Networks began its activities by offering a pioneering solution in the defense of DDoS attacks in Latin America in 2013. In this way, the initiative made it possible for small companies to be protected, such as internet providers in the North and Northeast or WISPs.

Since its foundation, our base has been established in Miami (FL), USA, as it is one of the main telecommunications hubs in Latin America and offers low latency to the North and Northeast of Brazil, enabling low-cost solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2023, we operated in more than 20 countries, with a tax presence in the United States and the European Union.

Values that build our culture

Get to know the main values that make up our culture.

We are Translators

Our language is clear, objective and inclusive.

We are developers

We overcome challenges when we work as a team.

Constant Motion

We always seek to innovate in ways to solve problems.

Security and Freedom

Our solutions are designed to bring peace of mind to your business.
People who conquer the extraordinary


Much more than titles, we have collected achievements that reinforce our commitment to promoting a welcoming, inclusive, transparent environment that respects the individuality of each employee.

Transparency in recruitment and selection

Humanized approach

We look at each candidate in a unique way, creating
an exclusive experience from the first contact.


World Café

We promoted rounds of conversations, creating the possibility of
pairs and collections participate in the selection process and get to know
the candidate they will be working with.

Just-in-time feedback

At the time of the interview, each candidate receives feedback on whether they will continue in the process and the reason for their decision.

Behavioral Analysis

We create the opportunity to promote self-knowledge
through a conversation with our
DISC behavior.

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