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HugePCI: scalable and adaptable cloud computing

Twenty years ago, cloud computing was a trend in full swing. Companies around the world have experienced the advantages of flexibility in costs and in the allocation of processing, security and storage resources, adopting the cloud in place of silos and on-premises data centers where possible. Today, the cloud is no longer a trend. In the intervening period, it has become a reality that brings advantages in various dimensions to any type of company, anywhere on the planet. Even banks, which resisted at first, are now using public, private or hybrid cloud computing (both).

Cloud computing environments can be useful for companies of any size. Larger companies may need extra space for the amount of data they handle, while adopting the cloud can also help developing companies to scale or expand as necessary without huge expense. In addition, the adoption of the cloud allows customers to access their data and applications wherever they are. This is a great advantage for companies with remote or hybrid workforces.

According to consultancy firm Gartner, by 2025 a total of 85% of organizations worldwide will have adopted some form of cloud computing and will not be able to fully execute their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies. The size of this global market is expected to reach US$1.25 trillion by 2028.

High demand in the market

Because of this demand, there are many companies offering cloud computing services, each describing features that they see as advantageous, of course. For the customer, even if they are an IT specialist, the choice involves complex issues. First, there’s the cost, followed by availability. In addition, the service level agreement (SLA) is a crucial aspect to consider, along with the location of the data centers. In addition, the technology resources and characteristics of the network also come into play. Finally, other relevant considerations should be weighed up. Consultancies specializing in IT now even have a variety of methodologies to guide their clients in this choice. However, the results indicated by the methods are not always in line with certain principles of the companies, the sectors in which they operate, and the regulation of that sector.

In other words, the choice is rarely simple. The complexity of this scenario was one of the factors that led Huge Networks to develop and launch its cloud computing service, the HugePCI. It is now part of the cloud computing options available on the Brazilian market. The solution brings differentiating features that make it a simple and robust choice for companies that need to host and process services in our territory, rely on support from Brazilian specialists in Portuguese, and pay for contracts in Brazilian Reais.

Low latency in customer response

These are just some of the advantages of the newest platform launched by Huge Networks. This structure is already supported by Huge’s low latency network (less than 30ms), with 50 points of presence around the world. And the support of four data centers, one in Fortaleza, one in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro. Each of these locations has a meaning. Fortaleza is Brazil’s largest submarine cable gateway, while São Paulo is Latin America’s largest financial center and Rio de Janeiro the largest telecommunications hub in Southeast Brazil. Four more data centers are planned for the cities of Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Brasília and Manaus.

The cloud computing offer brought to the market by HugePCI can hardly be compared to others, because they were built very differently. HugepCI is built on Huge Networks’ robust telecommunications and network infrastructure. Which already offered all the features that cloud customers would need in the future. Not only the points of presence in strategic locations, but also the low latency provided by the solutions developed and patented by Huge Networks itself, the protection against denial of service attacks, the exclusive CDN (content delivery network) and the cybersecurity resources available to customers with just a few clicks.

The flexibility of HugePCI

HugePCI is a highly flexible and customizable cloud computing solution. With configurable features, customers can choose from 8 to 32GB vRAMs, 4 to 8 vCPUs and storage ranging from 140 to 420GB. In addition, customers can adjust traffic limits between 5TB and 15TB.

Huge Networks’ cloud service is highly adaptable to meet the specific needs of the B2B audience. Companies can customize resources according to their needs, whether for applications, storage or processing. This flexibility allows organizations to optimize their resources according to their strategies and goals.

Customers can contract the plans without a fixed loyalty period. This means that customers can stay as long as they like, whether they are individuals or companies. All plans offer scalability in terms of resource usage. And whether the customer is small or large, they can count on 100% human support – there are no robots for this service.

On the HugePCI page, customers can explore all the details and choose the plan best suited to their specific needs. In short, HugePCI is a scalable and adaptable solution for companies looking to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

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